WWF-Philippines is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of nature. They have been actively taking action through different advocacies and programs that help protect our environment.

As a non-denominational Christian organization, World Vision aims to share and demonstrate the love and compassion that Jesus Christ extended to all people, especially to children, particularly to those living in poverty or suffering from oppression and injustice. Source:www.worldvision.org.ph/

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit and non-government organization that aims to uplift the lives of the Orthopedically handicapped persons. It was founded by Sr. ValerianaBaerts, ICM. a Belgian nun who was assigned as a volunteer nurse in the Philippines. Source:www.twh.org.ph/

CMLI is a non-stock, non-profit foundation working to promote the welfare and development of the country’s youth. CMLI enjoys the support of the business communities, government institutions, local and foreign NGO’s, Local Government Units, parents and both public and private schools nationwide. Source:www.CMLIofficial.com

PSYSC is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government, and non-sectarian organization. Its thrust is to promote the Public Understanding of Science, Technology and Environment (PUSTE). With more than 100,000 active members nationwide, the society on its 39th year of existence is continuously conducting activities geared towards the promotion of scientific interests and consciousness among our youth.

The Light Network is a public service that seeks to promote an online community devoted to the sharing of ideas and information regarding the lighting industry. Source:lightnetwork.ph/

Magnus Eventus, Inc. is a business venture started by friends with solid call center experience, a marketing professional and a sales expert, who have pooled their resources and their expertise to create an entity that not only aims to be profitable but also aims to help provide employment opportunities to job seekers. Source:www.magnuseventus.com/

The Riverbanks Center handpicked an experienced management team to administer the operational and promotional program of the whole center. It encourages teamwork which results in performance at par with the industry. This is manifested in its customer services and response to clients' needs. Source:www.riverbankscenter.com/

The Advertising industry's top guns share their insights on how value-laden commercials can move people and products through ADSPEAK. It is a venue for student delegates to share positive values by creating and selecting outstanding public service advertisements. Source:www.letran.edu/

The UST Artistang Artlets thrust is to promote theater as an alternative educational tool for the people inside and outside the university. The organization has been giving quality productions throughout the years and have used the theater as a medium to impart lessons about life and our society that the basic walls of the classroom cannot always provide. Source:www.fb.com/ArtistangArtletsUST

The Samahan sa Maagang Pagkatuto ng mga Bata (SMPB) is a cooperative of parents and community elders who saw the need to establish a school for children. The Center promotes mass- oriented, scientific and nationalist curriculum. Source:www.fb.com/.../batibot-early-learning-center/

The Harlequin Theatre Guild is the resident theatre group of De La Salle University that aims to raise the social consciousness and expression. The Guild specializes in straight plays, movement, musicals and poetry reading. Source:www.fb.com/dlsuhtg

The UP Ecosoc strives to promote economic understanding as a step towards change and development in Philippine society, by molding its members into holistic individuals that shall mobilize the students of the University of the Philippines to share this task. Source:www.upecosoc.org/

A student organization of committed, dynamic, and responsible individuals empowered spiritually, mentally, intellectually, and physically for the pursuit of excellence in the field of Political Science, and the quest for relevance in the service of humanity for the common good. The organization further aims for the advancement of the study and application of Political Science as a tool in understanding society as a whole. Source:www.fb.com/up.political.society

The UPCE is a non-partisan, non-political and not-for-profit student organization. It is also a duly recognized special interest organization of the University of the Philippines and is a university-wide but at the same time a college-based student organization. Source:www.upce-org.co.nr/

The UP Students of Destiny is one of the largest organizations in UP Diliman with a solid network of 300 members and more than 1000 alumni. Source: www.fb.com/UPManilaStudentsofDestiny/info

UP SHARP is a socio-academic organization made exclusively for HRIM students. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly recognized by the University of the Philippines, Diliman. It has committed itself to the development of leadership, excellence, and socio-civic consciousness among members. It is also one of the founding organizations of the Philippine Council of Hospitality Management Students (PCOHMS). Source:www.fb.com/upsharp

The University of the Philippines Mathematics Club (UPMC) is a non-stock, non-profit university-wide organization that is dedicated to promoting and sustaining the interest in mathematics of college and university students through competitive but friendly activities. It is under the College of Science and duly recognized by the university. Source:www.upmathclub.org

The UP Manila Debate Circle is the official debate varsity of the University of the Philippines. Its members compete in a variety of local and international tournaments, making it one of the most reputable institutions in the national debate circuit. Source:upmdebate.wix.com/upmdebate

The College of Science Student Council (CSSC) is the highest student governing body in the College of Science, mandated by the students to serve the UP community to the best of its ability. Since its inception, the CSSC has been at the forefront of addressing the concerns and the welfare of the College of Science and the UP Community. Source:www.fb.com/upcssc/

The UP Street Dance Club is a duly-recognized organization from the University of the Philippines, and one of the country's most prominent street dance groups. Source:www.upsdc.tumblr.com/

The GRIP was formed through the efforts of U.P. Diliman students who are sport climbing enthusiasts. These students sought the companionship of other U.P. students who shared their interests and passion for climbing, which motivated them to form an organization. Source:www.fb.com/gripup

The UP Euro maintains relations with various European embassies and cultural centres in the Philippines such as the Spanish Embassy, the Royal Belgian Embassy, the Dutch Embassy, Instituto Cervantes, and Alliance Française de Manille, among others. Source:www.fb.com/upeuro/info

The UP FLIPP is an organization housed within the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) of the University of the Philippines Diliman which aims to promote excellence in and awareness of the role of librarianship in today's society. Source:www.upflipp.org/

The UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company is the duly recognized hip-hop dance varsity under the Department of Human Kinetics College of Arts and Sciences of UPLB. The group has been performing inside and outside UPLB for over 14 years now where every performance exudes the members' passion for the art of hip-hop dancing, and their utmost praises and thanksgiving to God, the Supreme Choreographer. Source:www.uplbsjdc.com

The UP Architecture Forum is the longest standing student organization in the College of Architecture. Recognized on August 18, 1981, it had sponsored competitions, exhibits, symposia, etc. to further develop the creative faculties of the college constituents. Source:www.fb.com/uparkiforum/info

The UP DOST Scholar’s Association has striven to protect the interest of its members, serving as a supplement to each member's over-all education while ardently being involved in different activities and programs forwarding its objectives to promote, improve, and utilize science and technology consciousness and education in the Philippines, for the upliftment of the country and its citizens. Source:updostsa1979.multiply.com

The UP Sigma Beta Sorority was founded in 1931 and was recognized on February 14, 1932, making it the first and oldest women organization in the University of the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. Its three main thrusts are Academic Excellence, Social Involvement and Political Leadership. Source:upsigmabeta.com

The University of the Philippines Travel Society is the first university-based travel organization in Asia, a service- oriented, non-sectarian, non-profit, non-political student organization based at the Asian Institute of Tourism, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Source:uptravelsociety.com/

The UP Cinema, a film organization based in UP Diliman is geared towards the growth and promotion of the status of our national cinema in the academe and in the society as art, movement and industry. Source:www.fb.com/cinemalayagoesup

The UP Library and Information Science Students’ Association believes that “ the librarian should be compelled to break from isolation and confinement in the repositories of knowledge, the ivory tower of academics, and work outward; serve the people through the spread of information, facilitating and complementing the role of educators and teachers in the community.” Source:www.fb.com/uplissa

The PREMED Society is a group of young, hardworking and dedicated individuals who seeks to embark on relevant projects aimed at assisting and aiding our fellow Filipinos. Suorce:www.theuppremedsoc.blogspot.com

The Office of Counseling and Guidance, University Student Council (USC), UP Advertising Core (UP AdCore), and UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) annually organize the University Job Fair, the BIGGEST JOB FAIR in UP Diliman. Source:upujf.tk

The UP ALCHEMES is a college-recognized academic organization based in the College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines, Diliman composed of undergraduate chemical engineering majors. Source:upalchemes.org.

The (CA-SC) is a democratically-elected student government of the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños. Since 1910, along with college-based student organizations, it has been maintaining an active role in rendering service to the UPLB community and its constituents. Source:www.fb.com/UPLBCASC/info

The (UP ABAM) is an academic organization based in the Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business, University of the Philippines-Diliman. UP ABAM continues to uphold its aim of developing managerial and leadership skills among its members through its value-adding projects and activities. Source:www.fb.com/UPABAM/info

The UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES JUNIOR MARKETING ASSOCIATION [UP JMA] is a duly recognized university-wide student organization of over 200 members, based in the College of Business Administration. The organization is also affiliated with the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and an active member of the Federation of Junior Marketing Associations (FJMA) and the Interschool Marketing Association (IMA). Source:www.upjma.com/

The UPGPs is the premiere mechanical engineering student organization of UP Diliman. Only the bravest and boldest of UPME students join the ranks of this beloved organization as it traditionally provides all opportunities for them to show and share their true capabilities in leadership, innovation and service to all. Source:www.fb.com/upgearsandpinions/info

The UP Cineastes' Studio is a non-stock, non-profit, duly-recognized, university-wide student organization based at the College of Mass Communication committed to serve the film community and promote film awareness, appreciation and understanding, as well as other forms of artistic expression. Source:www.upcineastes.org

The UP Philippine Association of Food Technologists – Alpha is a duly recognized academic organization of the U.P –Diliman, which aims to promote technological awareness project in the field of food science and technology. Source:www.fb.com/paftalpha

The UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UP JPIA) – is a duly recognized, accredited and one of the largest student organizations in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Source:iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/index.php/UP_JPIA#.U6eRG5SSyM4

The UP School of Statistics Student Council (UPSSSC) is the official student governing body of the UP School of Statistics. It has committed itself to its goals of addressing the needs and concerns of the student body of the UP School of Statistics, aiding in the holistic development of the studentry, and committing to the pursuit of academic and service ideals it stands for. Source:www.fb.com/UPSSStudentCouncil

The UP Volleyball Club is bound together by an extraordinary passion for volleyball, the kind of passion that has allowed them to play ball in the rain, at night, and even during exam weeks to experience the pure, electric pleasure of hitting a ball hard and dead. Source:www.fb.com/up.volleyballclub

The UP ABM is an IB-based organization founded in 1975 that houses Biology students and enthusiasts that pursue academic, social and moral development. Source:onlinetambio.wix.com/upabm

The DZUP Radio Circle (DZUP RC) is the student organization arm of DZUP 1602, the only radio station of University of the Philippines – Diliman. The DZUP RC is a college-based, university-wide academic organization committed to the responsible use of radio as a tool for the promotion of media education and awareness. Source:http://www.dzuprc.webs.com

The UP Underground Music Community is a duly recognized non-profit student organization in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. It is open to all music lovers. Source: fb.com/up.underground.music.community/info

The UP CIRCUIT (est. 1994) is a UP EEEI-based student organization which is geared towards honing its members’ skills and talents such that each member becomes a nexus of ideas that truly make a difference. Source:www.upcircuit.org/

The UP Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Association or the UP 49ers is one of the most established student organizations in the University of the Philippines, geared towards building lifelong bonds which aid in the development of its members to be capable professionals of the country and be supportive individuals to the fellow youth. Source:up49ers.org/

University of the Philippines Political Science Society is the official Political Science course organization of the University of the Philippines. Source:www.fb.com/UPpolscisociety

The UP AIT/Pinnacle Event Marketing Co. is a world-class provider of tourism education, research and extension services to lead human tourism capital development in the Philippines and the Southeast Asian Region. Source:www.pinnacledirectonline.com/