Hipnayan 2018

January 13, 2018 - 9:00 am

Adamson University

As our country approaches various scientific advancements and technological development, the youth of today’s society has to nurture their interest in Physics and cultivate their innate intellectual talents. Physics Society of Adamson University, as an active organization in promoting Physics in all aspects, will provide an efficient platform in celebrating numerous Filipino breakthroughs and willbe the medium in showcasing multifold talents.

ThisĀ January 13, 2018, Physics Society of Adamson University in coordination with Adamson University Physics Department presents,


Driven by its objective, Hipnayan is composed of diverse sub- events that will provide opportunity to our young achievers around the metro and nearby provinces and will cater the first ever feat for Senior High School Students.

For young scientists and intellects out there, let us all remain to explore and continue to be amazed in the wonders of Physics.

To more power and greater momentum!