Buhay Iskolar: The UP Experience


by Fritz Abarca

The remediated content aims to give listeners a glimpse of the life of UP students by featuring different stories from UP students themselves as well as from UP professors. From registration processes to joining organizations, these stories aim to give people especially the regular listeners of DZUP, who did not study or still yet to study in UP, an idea of what is it like staying and studying here in UP.

Student Life in the University
Remediated Content # 1 – A Crash Course on UP Education | UP Nating Mahal

What is it really like studying in the premier university in the Philippines? The cream of the crop, the best of the best – these are some of the phrases that describe the University of the Philippines. There is a concept that describes the experience of being a UP student called the “Tatak UP” education. More than just being the “best of the best” in the country, “Tatak UP” education also teaches the value of discovering the identity of one’s self and the service to one’s nation. In this episode, we will know what “Tatak UP” education really means and how does this concept manifest in the student as well as the professors of the University.

Remediated Content # 2 – OVCSA | UP Nating Mahal

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs is the entity in the University that upholds the rights and welfare of the students and forwards their individual talents for the University and ultimately, for the nation. All concerns of the UP students like housing, financial assistance, academic learning support, guidance and counseling are all under the concern of the OVCSA. This episode discusses the mandate of the OVCSA to every Isko and Iska in the University.

Remediated Content # 3 – Student Code | UP Nating Mahal

Being a student would always have its limits even in a university that values freedom. This episode talks about the issue of the Student Code that was recently implemented in UP Diliman last 2014.

Remediated Content # 4 – Halalan ni Isko | Halalan Special

Halalan ni Isko is the special coverage of DZUP in the elections of the student leaders in UP Diliman. In this coverage, people would get know the different political parties and candidates running for different positions in the different colleges of UP Diliman. This coverage aims to inform the student body, as well as people who are curious of the UP Diliman elections, of the different platforms and principles of a student leader.


The Students of UP Diliman

Remediated Content # 5 – Student Athletes of UP Diliman | Radyo Edukado

They say that academically inclined students do not do well in the field of sports. That is the common notion of what people would think given that UP is known for its excellence in the academic field. When one meets an athlete from UP, he or she will be proven wrong. Every Isko and Iska student-athletes are not only known to be academically excellent students but also fierce and determined athletes. They can prove that one can be good at both given the right time management and focus.

Remediated Content # 6 – UP Pep Squad | Psych O’clock Habit

One of the trademarks that UP is known for is the UP Pep Squad. For the past 20 years, the UP Pep Squad has always had a podium finish in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. They have shown to the world that being creative, original and socially-relevant are the qualities that people from UP have. They have also shown that these qualities are not only shown for the world to see but also for the service of the University.

Remediated Content # 7 – A Summa Cum Laude experience | Itanong Kay Engineer

Many Isko and Iska have pushed boundaries and limits in the field of academics. They have proven that UP is really indeed the best of the best in the country. One proof of that is the recent Summa Cum Laude of UP Diliman, Tiffay Grace Uy. She broke the post-war record of the University by attaining the highest GWA (1.004) ever. In this episode, we get to know who Tiffany Uy is and what she has learned in her UP education for four years.