[CONNECTED] Learning & Relationships: The Power of Internet


by Dey Ilagan

Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” With the evolution of technology, our worlds are being shaped right before our eyes. The Internet is indeed powerful, so, how can we become responsible netizens when using the Internet?


Do Be Smart When Dating
E-Talakayan (April 24, 2015)  | “Online Dating” with Richmon Pancho

The online world has transformed how we make relationships. How do we meet new people? How do we make friends? The Internet has even become an avenue for people to develop their relationship into romance. While this has its pros, it can also be dangerous. How do we make sure we’re safe? How do we know that the person we’re talking to isn’t a total psycho? When using the Internet, do be smart when dating.


Do Know Which Relationships Are Worth Keeping
Psych O’Clock Habit (May 19, 2016) | “Unfollow, Unfriend, Unsubscribe

You’ve made friends, but the online world has also transformed how we keep relationships. On our social media accounts, we can unfollow, unfriend, or unsubscribe when we want to rid of toxic people in our lives. It can be done by just the click of a button, but why is it such a big deal to others? What does it really mean when we unfollow, unfriend, and unsubscribe? Are online relationships as genuine as real-life relationships now? When using the Internet, do know which relationships are worth keeping.


Do Be Productive Online
E-Talakayan (April 10, 2015) | “eLearning

The Internet has become a platform for anything “instant” – instant friends, instant dates, and even instant research learning. For many students, scholars, and intellectuals, the Internet can be a useful tool in disseminating information and education. We may be well-aware of social networking and online entertainment, but there is actually an entire world of eLearning that gives a different but still useful experience compared to what we have in the classroom. What else can the online world teach us? When using the Internet, do be productive online.


Do Be Careful Where You Get Your Information From
Tropang Rad’Yo (October 13, 2016) | “Social Media Etiquette (from Rappler) to Real/Love Life Etiquette

The Internet a double edged sword. Oftentimes, we see it as a safe space, especially when we’re on our personal accounts. We may not always be aware of it, but we actually release information about ourselves in every post we make. It’s extremely efficient for information dissemination and research, but we need to remember that not everything online is true. How do we discern fact from fiction? How do we deal with getting duped? When using the Internet, do be careful where you get your information from.