Deadly Sins

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by Jamila Tiu

Partying has always been a staple in college. Although some of us may choose not to partake in it, there’s no question that it’s there—from the spontaneous after class inumans, to the big, extravagant parties that college organizations throw. Although the party scene has led to a lot of great moments, a lot of college students also become addicted to it, using alcohol and cigarettes as a coping mechanism. These episodes discuss, in depth, smoking and drinking, and the health concerns related to those two activities.


Psychology of Substance Abuse
Psych O’ Clock Habit (March 9, 2017) | “Psychology of Drug Addiction“with Divine Love Salvador (UP Department of Psychology)

In this episode, guest Doctor Divine Salvador explains to us what substance abuse is, and how it is diagnosed in patients. She also discusses some possible ways how people may develop a dependence on psychoactive substances, such as nicotine and alcohol.


Tobacco Control and its health implications
Health Republic (January 11, 2018) | “Tobacco Control and its health implications” with Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance)

Here, guest Doctor Ulysses Dorotheo gives us the information on Tobacco Control in the Philippines. He talks about the easy access to tobacco and nicotine here in the Philippines, and gives us an insight on how this is a threat to society and to the general public’s health.


Sin Tax Law
Health Republic (March 30, 2017) | “Sin Tax Law” with Ralph Emerson Degollacion and Isay Rabang

Health Republic hosts Faith Navarro and Doctor Jinky Lu are joined by Mr. Ralph Emerson Decolasion and Ms. Isay Rabang from the Health Justice of the Philippines in this episode. They break down the Sin Tax Law—why it’s necessary for our society, and how it helps promote public health.


Chronic Smoking and Lung Cancer
Health Matters (June 19, 2018) | “Chronic Smoking and Lung Cancer” with Dr. Joselito Chavez (Department of Medicine, UP College of Medicine, UP-PGH)

Smoking is a common, legal vice here in the Philippines. Aside from Nicotine, cigarettes contain a lot of other harmful chemicals that can cause different types of illnesses. Doctor Joselito Chavez joins Klasmeyt Hannah as he discusses the harmful effects of smoking, how it leads to lung cancer, and what lung cancer does to your body.


Liver Cancer
Health Matters (March 20, 2018) | “Liver Cancer” with Dr. Dante Ang (Department of Surgery, UP College of Medicine, UP-PGH)

Did you know that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to liver cirrhosis, which then leads to liver cancer? Klasmeyt Jun and Klasmeyt Hannah are joined by Dr. Dante Ang to discuss the causes of liver cancer, what it does to your body, and why it is one of the deadliest cancers