Fresh and Fit

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by Gabby Dario


This podcast speaks about what we can do to maintain a healthy body. In the different episodes, we look at how we perceive the ideal body and ways to achieve and maintain it. Different methods of exercise are enumerated by experts in the field of human kinetics, the right way to formulate a diet, and how to make healthy choices in living are also discussed.

Lab Ko Ang Sports! Part 1

In this episode, guest professors from the College of Human Kinetics discuss what exactly a beach bodyis and steps to achieve that. They delve into the key to a good diet and the important of adherence to an exercise regimen.

In this episode, guest Brixton Busto tells us all about Calisthenics and Body Weight Training: muscle strengthening exercises that dont make use of any equipment, just using the dynamics of the body. They talk about how proper form is important in building muscle the correct way and preventing injuries.

Lab Ko Ang Sports! Part 3

In this episode, ZIN Natalia Uy-Chan from the College of Human Kinetics tells us about the benefits of Latin aerobic dance craze Zumba! This is a form of interval training that encourages you to ditch the workout and join the party!

Health Matters

In this episode, classmate Bianca and classmate Jun are joined by Dr. Paulita Baclig to discuss the difference between wellness and well-being and how eating the right food contributes to making you look and feel great.

Kagalingang Pantahanan

In this episode, classmate Flor, classmate Yoyit and classmate Leni discuss wellness, but this time with a focus on making healthy choices in living. Wellness is a lifestyle, and it includes physical, mental, social and even spiritual aspects.