Global Community


by Nicole Eugenio

This podcast talks about the international educational opportunities for all students across the globe because the Global Community understands that the world is now just one huge classroom. Exchange programs, applications, various activities, languages, and travel are discussed in the podcasts. The podcast highlights foreign exchange programs with guests who have undergone such programs in Asia (Japan), North America (United States of America), and Europe (Germany) and at the end of the podcast, we come from the outside looking in as a French national explains his foreign exchange program experience here in the Philippines. The Global Community podcast aims to tell the listeners how education and learning transcends the toughest geographical boundaries and even the most difficult of language barriers.


Episode 1: Global Community: Japan [1/13/15] Lakwachika | “Japan Travel

Episode 1 takes us to the Land of the Rising Sun with Klasmeyt Robert, as he illustrates his rich cultural experience in Japan through the JENESYS Program or the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths. The easy application and unforgettable experiences made a mark on Klasmeyt Robert, and through his stories, Global Community hopes to do the same.


Episode 2: Global Community: America [2/18/15] Samahang Bidang Bida | “Global Exchange Program

Episode 2 discusses the Global UGrad Scholars of the Philippines Alumni Association. Guest Klasmeyts Dale and Jesette talk about their experiences as former exchange students under the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program and they explain to the listeners just what it takes to be a Fulbright scholar, and how it entails being a National Ambassador to the different States you are assigned to.


Episode 3: Global Community: Germany [5/14/15] DELdalan Na! | “Different Career Options and Opportunities

Episode 3 explains the application process to study in Germany and with Frau Cruz to tell the story, the topic becomes extra interesting as we discuss the so-called Land of Ideas. In the podcast, you will learn all the steps in acquiring a scholarship to Germany, but that’s just step 1. What you will learn when you’re actually there is the fun part, and that’s what Global Community pushes for you to do.


Episode 4: Global Community: Philippines [6/17/13] May Punto Ka Dyan | “China-ASEAN High Level People to People Dialogue and Exchange: Territory, Economy and Technology

Episode 4 is the turnaround episode, as Kapuntong Wesley from France tells us about his experience as an exchange student in the Philippines. He discusses the myths he’s debunked, the different peoples he’s met, and the life he’s had over the past months – and did we mention he did this in Tagalog? With him is Kapuntong Mikal who talks about how the image of the Philippines is shaped through its depiction in international media and what we can do to improve it.