Music in the Everyday


by Denise Gonsalves

Music has always been an important part of culture and society. It affects us and our everyday life in many different ways, and we take these for granted most of the time. Beyond its aesthetic form, how does listening to and performing music affect us physically, emotionally, culturally, and psychologically?


The Science of Music
SCIENCia Na Kayo! (April 2016) | “The Science of Music” with Professor Ramon “Montet” Acoymo from the UP College of Music

Singing and performing music is something a lot of Filipinos love to do, whether on TV or even in karaoke bars down the street. But what is the science behind a voice performance? How exactly do our vocal chords produce music?


Character-Building Through Music and Affect
Radyo Edukado (September 2014) | “The Role of Music in the Enhancement of Student Affect in Learning Developing a Student’s Confidence” with Professor Joy Timbol-Guadalupe from the UP College of Music

Apart from enhancing one’s cognition, music education also molds character. In this episode, we will learn more about the role of music and affect in shaping us to be sensitive beings that know how to interact better, and empathize more with other people.


Music and Mood
Psych O’Clock Habit (July 2015) | “Awiting Sawi

We listen to music for many different reasons, but often we match the music we listen to with our mood for the day. In this episode, learn the reasons why we listen to sad music whenever we feel sad, and how it affects the way we create memories.


Music and Culture Part 1: What’s in a Musical Film?
Cine Chichirya (January 2013) | “Mga Kinalaman ng Kanta sa Pelikula

What’s the difference between a film filled with music and a musical film? In this episode, learn what differentiates one from the other, and the integral role of music in filmmaking.


Music and Culture Part 2: Brief History of the Opera
SCIENCia Na Kayo! (April 2016) | “The Science of Music” with Professor Ramon “Montet” Acoymo from the UP College of Music

Before microphones and speakers were invented, most musical performances were done only with the power of one’s voice. An example of a traditional, art and music performance is an opera, wherein singers and musicians perform a dramatic work mostly with the use of only voice and music. In this episode, Professor Acoymo talks more about the history of the opera, and how opera performances were originally done before.