by Hasnah Muti

In this age, we often get lost in a virtual world of presenting ourselves and mediating our identities and relationships online. With this in mind, this podcast aims to discuss the related online and offline behavior, the elements of liking, unfollowing, unfriending, and the responsibility that comes with social media activity. Where is the thin line between what’s real and what’s not?


Selfie Generation: Implications on the Self and Society
Bagong Gising (January 8, 2016) | “Kakaibang Perspektibo – Bagong Taon Bagong Ako” with Prof. Maria Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco PhD and Prof. Jay Yacat

From self-reflection, social pressure, and the narcissistic culture, this segment discusses the ‘self’ vis-a-vis others in the virtual world of Facebook where  the concept of ‘liking’ becomes more and more vague. Do our highly mediated interactions in the age of social media foster more ambiguity and confusion in the real world? Let’s hear it from the experts.


Online Behavior: Ending Relationships in Social Media
Psych O’Clock Habit (May 19, 2016) | Unfriend, Unfollow, Unsubscribe

Following the idea of ‘liking’ comes the dynamics of ‘unfollowing’ or ‘unfriending’ in social media. This segment discusses the different online behaviors that cause a “relationship sudden death” a.k.a. the end of relationships in social media. Along these lines are the resulting effects on offline behaviors caused by intense online activity. What else could go wrong without a critical reflection on our online behavior?


Discerning Reality in Social Media Constructions
Tropang RadYo (June 5, 2017) | Media and Love Literacy: Media Are Constructions

How does mediation equate to reality and truth when it comes to relationships in social media and offline? While we slowly transition to a world where face-to-face interaction is veering away from the norm, how will we know if our perception of a person is the truth? This segment has a few suggestions on how to become more “literate” of one’s relationships through discerning what’s real online and most of all, offline.


Online Disinhibition and Responsibility of Self-Presentation
Tropang RadYo (October 12, 2016) | Social Media Etiquette to Real/Love Life Etiquette

One’s online persona or one’s ‘self on stage’ as mentioned in the first segment is often different from the offline self, with the privilege of anonymity. This episode ends with the topic of self-presentation, experiences, and privacy issues in social media. What are the do’s and dont’s, ultimately? Tune in to relate with our Katropas’ experiences.”


Ethical Self-Conduct of Online Personas
Usapang P (June 9, 2017) | Usapang Pakbet: Patola, Ampalaya, ATBP. (Conducting Yourself in Social Media)

How can we utilize social media to our and others’ benefit through our online conduct? This segment tackles how different online personas are still subject to the cons of being “extensions” of ourselves in the social networking sites and how we can do better in conducting this social media presence. To end the podcast, here are advices on the general do’s-and-don’ts in social media conduct, we have Doc Faye, Kasamang Chryl, and Kasamang Mark to share their opinions about it.