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by Reggie Brix L. Espejo

Like love or people in your life, money is one of the many things that come and go. One moment it’s your sweldo and then suddenly, you’re down to your last few hundred pesos. You ask, “what sorcery is this?” But let’s be honest, we all know what happened to your cash. You saw stuff on sale so you quickly jumped right to it. You and your friends went out last Friday night to try that new place. From mere two days, your petsa de peligros is prolonged to more than one week. Now, you comb through your stuff looking for those coupons you got months ago from a fast-food chain. Perhaps, this won’t be the case if we step back and assess ourselves. No one wants to say bye-bye to that hard-earned money when you just got it, right?


“#Cashakit #KALokohangKaPERAnggot”
KALampagan (April 12, 2018)

First things first, maybe your money won’t go from many to few if you just learn how to control your impulses. We all heard that excuse that you just can’t stop yourself from pulling your wallet to serve your cravings. But if you want to make sure you have enough before the next sweldo, you need to tell yourself to “think before we click” that buy button in the delivery app.

Right, you already told yourself that you will never spend again on useless stuff but you just think that the universe just won’t cooperate. Advertisements that just hit you on the spot and malls just around the corner; you give up and say, the flesh is weak. Ads and malls won’t go away but you can learn how to make yourself invulnerable from them. A wise spender can see throught that deception!


“Tapat at Konsepto ng Utang”
Wika Ng Ina Mo (February 9, 2018)

When things just don’t go your way, maybe because of some unforeseen circumstances, kakapit ka na sa patalim. Not that one you’re thinking of but the one we Filipinos call utang. We all go through it somehow, kapag gipit na talaga. It can’t really be helped so you borrow from a friend or a lender. But no one goes to war unarmed so make sure you know what you’re getting into. Computing that interest isn’t that hard


“Usapang Pagtitipid at Pagpapalago ng Pera”
Usapang P (January 19, 2018)

You already made some cutbacks from your usual expenses so what now? Maybe it’s time to actually save some of that bucks. You probably heard about that 80-20 rule – you can follow that or maybe do 60-40, whatever floats your boat. There are numerous reasons why one has to save. Know what are yours and set them as your goals why you need to just save that cash.

Maybe there’s more to just restraining yourself from spending and hiding your money in a piggy bank. Maybe we can make our money go round before it makes us go round. Ever heard of the line “making your money work for you?” With the internet and e-commerce, you now actually have more than a lot of means at hand if you want to invest. Money doesn’t grow on trees but it could if you know how


Tropang Rad’Yo (January 9, 2018)

More than the bills, coins and cards, your wealth is defined by much, much more. Along that hard-earned money, experiences, memories, and learnings are also special and hard to earn. Beyond the money tips and know-hows, maybe it is also time for us to look into some life lessons that could further help you as a person. It would save you money and learn a few things along the way. Win-win for everyone!


Money does come and go. But there are ways we can make it stay for a bit longer, and maybe even come back. Hugots aside, it pays to know how to handle your money. Dugo at pawis mo ‘yan eh. Think about it, isn’t it more fulfilling if your money goes to where it should go?