Stressed Out?


by Armiegel Abejar

Stress is a word we could hear anywhere: school, workplace, home, and even in public places such as public transportation or public restroom . Stress can cause a person to not function well, it can also cause anxiety, affect a person’s eating habits and many more. But what is stress really? And what are the things we could do to cope with stress or what are the factors we should look out for when we are stressed?

Stress and the Brain
Psych O’clock Habit

In this episode, the hosts, together with the guest, Janssen Kotah discusses how the brain and stress work and the misconceptions about it. They talk about how there are different kinds of stress and how we need a certain amount of stress to function well.


Reaching Your Breaking Point
Ikaw Naman

This episode talks about reaching your breaking point: how it happens, how to deal with it, and what happens after. They also talk about the signs that you are about to reach your breaking point.


Loving Yourself and the Importance of Sleep
Samahang Bidang Bida

In this episode, Karla of UP Sleep talks about the importance of sleep: why we sleep, how much sleep we need, effects of sleep deprivation, the power of naps, and also the misconceptions about sleep.


Love Yourself, Nutrition and Diet
Wais Spend

In this episode, guest nutritionist/dietician Ruth Manalo discusses loving yourself through eating and living healthy. She also talks about how much food a person needs depending on his/her body and activeness.


The Psychology of Taking Exams
Psych O’Clock Habit

In this episode, the hosts and guest Simonh Bries talks about the psychology of exam taking. They give their tips on how to answer different types of exams and how to handle test anxiety.