The State of Our Seas


by Maria Inez M. Barrameda

The world’s marine resources are in dire state. All over the world and within our own country, we can observe the detrimental effects of climate change and pollution in our seas. The initiatives of government , conservation groups, and local communities are needed more than ever. This podcast tackles the recent issues surrounding our marine resources, as well as the steps being undertaken in order to preserve our rich and indispensable seas.


Benefits of the Sea
Did you know that without corals, there would be no fish?  Sir Vincent Hilomen of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources explains marine biodiversity and the benefits of the sea in our daily lives.

Coral Reef Destruction
We all know that damage has been done to our seas. The podcast continues as Sir Vincent Hilomen explains how we destroy our coral reefs and how much time it will take for them to recover.

Reversing the Damage
We have a long way to go before our country’s reefs are healthy once more. This episode explores how the government and the academic community can cooperate in order to reverse the damage done to our seas.



Spill-Over Effect
Corals are not just for display—they directly affect the livelihood of fisherfolk. In this episode, Professor Edgardo D. Gomez of the UP Marine Science Institute explains how the spill-over effect will help both reefs and fishing communities.

Marine Sanctuaries
Marine sanctuaries are one of the ways through which we can preserve our coral reefs. In this episode, Professor Gomez explains the importance of marine sanctuaries in bringing our reefs back to life.



The Illegal Importation of Beluga Whales
In this episode, Sir Carlo Ramirez from Earth Island Institute joins us in our discussion on the illegal importation of beluga whales by Manila Ocean Park. He explains why these whales belong in the wild, and not in caged tanks.

Earth Island Institute Position Paper
What is the stance of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources on the plans for illegal importation? What laws are being violated by Manila Ocean Park? In this episode, delve into further detail on the case as well as the position paper of Earth Island Institute.

Loss of Beluga Whales
Beluga whales are a vital part of global marine biodiversity. Learn how the loss of this near threatened species can gravely impact the ecosystem.