Think Before You Click


by Sunny Kim


Usapang Midya | January 31, 2012

In this episode, the guest informs us on cyber bullying. She talks about its types, it’s causes, and how it is simply unavoidable.


Usapang Midya | October 2, 2012

“Think before you click.” Did you know we have a law set to discourse cases concerning online interactions in the Phil? In this episode, the guest talks about the cybercrime law and it’s contrast to freedom of expression.


Patas sa Batas | January 26, 2013

Did you know that committing libel in social media is punishable by 6 years and 1 day of prison? Our guests in this episode will teach us to be cautious of what we put up on the Internet.


Bagong Gising (Gabay On Air Segment) | Septemer 07, 2015

In this episode, the guest talks about the difference of bullying and techno bullying, the different methods of techno bullying, and the effects of cyber bullying on the wellbeing of the people.


Bagong Gising (Kakaibang Perspektibo Segment) | November 10, 2015

Our guest in this episode informs us about the difference of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and cyber harassment. She also shares her opinion on the cause of cyber bullying