When Friendship Meets Love


by Enzo Baustista, Hanna Faye David, and Fiel Delos Reyes (UPIS)

Friends, and only just friends.

All of a sudden, something starts to feel weird. My sweat starts to lose its heat, my heart raises its tempo, and before I knew it, my stomach has turned into a haven for butterflies. Everything is the same as before, but I can feel that something has changed. I want to deny it, but the way that person’s eyes speak to my soul has confirmed it: I had just fallen for my best friend.


The One that Met A Stranger
KALampangan sa Lunes (February 20, 2017) | “Friendship Communication #KaibiganLangPala” with your favourite Singkos, College of Arts and Letters.

Every friendship starts with being a stranger and every day a person can meet a lot of strangers. How can two strangers build friendship? And what makes friends, “friends”?


The One that Befriends the Opposite Sex
Psych O’ Clock Habit (February 26, 2015) | “Friends Lang Pala Kami” with Summer and Jay along with Camla Alcantara and Chris Atras

History says that there is always tension between men and women. Research says that men believe more than a friendship between two sexes is likely to lead into a romantic relationship. Women, on the other hand, are denser and are more awkward when it comes to these situations. With odds like these, is it possible for opposite sexes to stay as friends? What are the pros and cons of a friendship between opposite sexes?


The One that Develops Feeling
Tropang Rad’yo (September 2, 2015) | “Ways to say: Hindi Kayo… (Friends lang kami – in denial)” with Katropang Jane, Annica and Janyn along with guest Katropas from BC 101, Katropang Mars and Justine.

This is the part where your friendship has a spark, maybe one friend is falling in love with the other or both at the same time. How can you say if your friendship is becoming more than that? And how will you preserve your friendship when both of you like each other?


The One that Turned Friendship into a Relationship
Tropang Rad’yo (March 16, 2017) | “Friend/ship” with Katropang Faith, Carl, and Annica along with guest Katropas from #HouseofPearl, Katropang Emily and Jay.

A friendship needs a connection to work, but there are boundaries. Can a friendship bloom into something else? When will you risk or not risk your friendship? And how do you know, friends are just “friends?”


The One That Turned a Relationship Back to Friendship
Psych O’ Clock Habit (April 28, 2017) | “Friends with an Ex” with Summer and Jay Along with Christine Devilla from Department of Psychology

Turning a friendship into a relationship is easy. But what if two friends who fell in love with each other, ended their relationship? Is it possible for them to let go of the past and rebuild bridges?