WONDER AND WANDER: All about traveling


by Danna Sumalabe and Nathan Ramos

Traffic hassle
Bagong Gising January 22, 2016

You want to travel but you think it’s hassle?

Travelling comes with problems and issues that you will have to face while on the road. Before you get to your destination, you may encounter heavy traffic that you will have to learn to cope with. The most important and essential thing to bring while travelling is patience above all else.


Bagong Gising January 22, 2016

Always be alert once you travel the long road to your destination. Unexpected accidents may happen suddenly. This audio will serve as a reminder that the long process comes with roadblocks and that you must always be ready for anything.


Responsible Traveling
Samahang Bidang Bida April 26, 2017

But even though there are obstacles and problems that will come your way, as our saying goes, kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan. We just need to remember that traveling, itself, is fun but it also comes with a great responsibility. And what better way to help us travel responsibly than to hear it directly from our university’s UP Travel Society.


No doubt, travelling is fun and challenging at the same time but never forget that it will also help in finding yourself. It’s where you can find inner peace while having the time of your life with friends and family. One must remember to always wonder and wander.