Thursday, 10-11 AM
DZUP 1602/UP Radio Circle
Justine Jamelo

Ikaw Naman is a student-led radio program that aims to feature various kinds of works by students from inside and outside of the University of the Philippines. Through radio, Ikaw Naman gives an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic and writing abilities, may they be in the form of literary works such as poems, spoken word, essays, short stories, and plays, academic papers such as theses, experiments, and investigative projects, productions such as radio dramas and short films, songs, clothes collections, food creations, art exhibits, inventions, and the like.

Ikaw Naman provides an avenue for the discussion of student-created works in order to explore the talents and skills of the featured guests, as well as to gain further knowledge on specific topics. In addition, the guest/s also share their insights and experiences before, during, and after the process of creating their work, which may serve as inspiration or help for listeners in coming up with their own output.

Ikaw Naman is a production of UP Radio Circle, the student organization arm of DZUP 1602, which is the radio station of the University of the Philippines ­Diliman.



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