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Tuesday, 4-5 PM
DZUP 1602/UP College of Medicine

Health Matters is a one-hour radio program that features various topics on health and promotes awareness on different health-related advocacies. It provides basic information about health issues, explanations, as well as a comprehensive discussion of possible treatments and remedies in a friendly neighborhood doctor manner.

This program is a collaboration of DZUP and the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Guest doctors and experts from the UP College of Medicine are invited over to discuss a variety of subjects every week.

Healthcare is one of the constitutional rights of every Filipino. Health Matters caters to this need by helping Filipinos become aware of information about their health, from issues concerning the newborn baby to the elderly. Aside from awareness, Health Matters also informs the listening audience of services that they can readily avail as promoted by the UP College of Medicine, UP Philippine General Hospital, and the Department of Health.


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