Thursday, 5-6 PM
National Institutes of Health – UP Manila
Prof. Jinky Lu, Ph.D. & Christian Faith Navarro

Health Republic is a program that promotes broader understanding of the environment-health nexus and the systems such as political, climate-related, structural and social systems which health interplay with.

Some topics include environmental health, injury prevention, road crashes, children’s health related to environment pollution, climate change-related illnesses, occupational health, the health burden of the elderly and aging population, health insurance, health system, healthcare delivery, telehealth, emergencies and disasters, health and terrorism, gender and health, violence among women and health related impact, among others. With the help of medical practitioners, the program ultimately aims to influence policies of the nation by putting forward these topics. Topics are not limited to personal health and specific illnesses common to the Filipino. Health Republic believes that one’s health is a responsibility of both the individual and the society.

This program is a partnership between DZUP 1602 and the UP Manila – National Institutes of Health.

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