Friday, 4-5 PM
DZUP 1602/College of Science
Marian Roque, Christopher Monterola, and Richard Lemence

Sciencia Na Kayo is a radio program featuring Filipino scientists, mainly scientists from the College of Science, UP Diliman and occasionally from other universities and government agencies as well. It aims to  (1) popularize science and educate listeners on basic concepts and latest trends/news in science  (2) emphasize  importance of science, the role of scientists in our society and other disciplines, and  training more scientists and (3)  promote environmental issues. In this program, the guest scientist plays the role of the teacher and the hosts are the students. This is the only program with this format where topnotch scientists talk about their work but in a language understood by non-scientists, and with hosts asking questions to make the discussion livelier.  Guests also talk about their life as a scientist and mentor/educator which is fulfilling and fun, which we hope inspires the young listeners to consider this career in the future.

The program is intended for everyone. Science is a difficult subject, but relevant. Discussing concepts ranging from the most basic to the complicated ones and relating this to various aspects in one’s life and our country’s development, like society, the environment, and economy, the public becomes aware of these concepts and their relevance in their lives. The program also gives an alternative way of teaching Science, Society and Technology, a course required in most Universities.


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