The University of the Philippines (UP) Office of the Vice President for Administration (OVPA) released a memorandum on Thursday, May 2, outlining the guidelines for the grant of the midyear bonus for UP employees in 2024.

Qualified faculty and staff will receive a bonus equivalent to one month’s basic salary, in addition to allowances and other forms of compensation.

According to the UP OVPA, the disbursement of the midyear bonus is scheduled for no earlier than May 15.

Funds for this purpose have been allocated within the release of Personnel Services requirements for constituent universities, the UP Philippine General Hospital, and UP Tacloban College for May 2024.

Eligible recipients include University employees who have served for at least four months from July 2023 to May 2024, maintain active status by May 15, and have received a satisfactory performance rating.

Faculty and staff whose services extend beyond compulsory retirement, those facing pending administrative or criminal charges, and those on full-time scholarships may also qualify for the bonus.

However, workers hired without employer-employee relations are not entitled to the midyear bonus

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