The University of the Philippines (UP) has announced that its employees can expect the first tranche of their annual incentive grant (AIG) to be credited to their payroll accounts beginning Wednesday, February 14.

According to a memorandum dated February 7 from UP Vice President for Administration Augustus Resurreccion, the AIG is a way to recognize “the dedication, productivity, and creativity of its faculty and staff in fulfilling the University’s goals”.

Qualified UP personnel expected to render at least four months of service to the University by the end of May 2024 are eligible to receive P7,000 each, on top of their basic compensation and other benefits.

Newly hires who have served less than four months in the University, will only be entitled to a prorated share of the grant’s first tranche, depending on the number of months served starting this year. They are eligible to receive up to P5,250.

The same rule applies to employees who have rendered active service but were separated or are expected to be separated from the University by the end of May.

Part-timers will also receive a share of the incentives, but they will only receive half of the benefits of full-time personnel, proportionate to their months of service.

University workers who are under preventive suspension, suspended or separated from the service for cause, on leave, absent without official leave, and hired without employer-employee relations are exempt.

Resurreccion mentioned that the payment of AIG shall be sourced from the constituent university’s revolving fund or savings from its internal operating budget.

“For those whose salaries are paid from other sources [except the General Fund], AIG shall be charged against the same funding source as their salaries, subject to all applicable government accounting and auditing rules and regulations,” he added.

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